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In just 11 months of 2022 “The Eminem Show” has gained over 1.1 billion new streams, “Encore” took over Revival and Relapse, and “The Marshall Mathers LP” has almost caught up with its sequel.

Let’s have a look at the gains of the year. Eminem’s most streamed albums of 2022 are “The Eminem Show”, “The Marshall Mathers LP”, and “Music to Be Murdered By”. Has MTBMB become Em’s new classic? The album is almost three years old and still, it’s able to keep up with Shady’s certified classic. It has even found its way to the Billboard year-end chart. “Encore” deserves special recognition for its performance. At the beginning of the year “Encore” was adding 20-25 million streams to its record a month. In two recent months “Encore” has added 150 million new streams. It is not a surprise, considering that “Mockingbird” alone is getting over 2 million streams daily.

Here you can see 2022 gains for all Eminem’s studio albums:

1. The Eminem Show — 1,120,782,487
2. The Marshall Mathers LP — 824,575,149
3. Music to Be Murdered By — 603,351,823
4. Recovery — 506,047,754
5. Encore — 371,929,473
6. Kamikaze — 335,550,042
7. The Marshall Mathers LP2 — 324,838,647
8. Relapse — 253,376,363
9. The Slim Shady LP — 200,054,874
10. Revival — 128,287,459

This new dynamic obviously affected the albums’ total streaming ratings. “Encore” and “The Marshall Mathers LP” both moved two positions up, capitalising on their success. So, at the moment Marshall’s albums ranked by the number of lifetime Spotify streams look as follows:

1. The Eminem Show — 4.72 billion
2. Recovery — 3.47 billion
3. The Marshall Mathers LP2 — 3.23 billion
4. The Marshall Mathers LP — 3.08 billion
5. Music to Be Murdered By — 3.03 billion
6. Kamikaze — 2.8 billion
7. Encore — 1.84 billion
8. Revival — 1.76 billion
9. Relapse — 1.74 billion
10. The Slim Shady LP — 1.2 billion

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