Fifty brought Ed Sheeran on the O2 stage in London to sing “Shape of You”, but backstage Ed sang “21 Questions”.

50 Cent continues the tradition of inviting on stage the biggest stars from the city he has a show in. There was Snoop Dogg in LA, J Cole in New York, and Eminem in Detroit. In London, it was Ed Sheeran who made his surprise appearance. While technically, Ed’s style is far from hip hop, he is not a stranger to the genre. He learned how to rap Eminem’s songs to overcome his starter, and he has a number of joints with rap artists, including Marshall and 50 Cent.

2019.07.12 - Eminem, Ed Sheeran, 50 Cent

So for Fifty, it was important to invite on stage not only the biggest name in the UK music industry but also a personal friend. Ed, of course, accepted the invitation, being Fif’s fan himself.

His friend and the head of security is an even bigger fan, as many Instagram stories from that day prove. Ed documented every step of the process: joking about singing “Shape of You” when everybody came to hear “In Da Club”, walking backstage and singing along to “21 Questions”, bumping from the stage, getting into the lift that delivered him to a cube marked with words “There is a monster in this box”, and finally getting to his seats to enjoy Fifty’s show.

And then, judging by photos 50 Cents published later, they had spent a lovely time together backstage.

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