One of Fifty’s biggest hits has obtained a new certification from the British Phonographic industry.

This award level signifies over 1.2 million certified units the single has sold in the UK. “Candy Shop”,a single from Fifty’s second commercial album, “The Massacre” (2005) is his second best selling, highest certified, and most streamed track after, you guessed it, “in Da Club”. It is certified 5x platinum in the US and is closing in on 850 million streams on Spotify.

“Candy Shop” got its previous Platinum certificate in November 2018, five years ago and five years after the release date. It looks like Fifty’s popularity is unwavering in the kingdom. His recent sold out The Final Lap Tour shows in the UK indicate just how many fans he has on the isles, especially in London, where Ed Sheeran took the stage alongside Fif recently.

Listen to 50 Cent — “Candy Shop” below:

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