It seems that celebrities are engaging with fans in unexpected places these days. Recently, Eminem reacted with an emoji on TikTok, and now Paul Rosenberg is sharing his opinion with fans who are debating which “Relapse” song is superior: “Stay Wide Awake” or “Same Song And Dance”.

A question was recently shared on a fan account supposedly owned by a 21-year-old lad from the UK, who has 3,700 followers. However, Paul became aware of it and decided to weigh in. According to Paul, the answer is quite clear and not even worth debating.

Stay Wide Awake … duh!

It’s true that Paul wasn’t asked to explain why “Stay Wide Awake“ is a superior track. Instead, on Twitter, fans inquired about the release of a new album, upcoming shows, and the return of Eminem’s song lyrics on Spotify. Despite the numerous requests, Paul Rosenberg, the Marshall’s manager and business partner, remained silent and disappeared just as abruptly as he appeared, leaving fans perplexed and searching for answers.

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