Dina Rae’s vocals on “Superman” receive over 1 million daily streams for her vocals, yet its popularity does not translate into substantial support.

Dina Rae launched a fundraiser on GoFundMe in March 2023 to collect funds for her spine surgery and the subsequent recovery phase during which she would be unable to work.

The singer has been suffering from debilitating pain for years and this surgery might be her last chance to possibly find relief, Dina explains in the campaign description. She had only two donations made over the month.

So KXNG Crooked shared the information to draw attention to Dina’s situation. He tweeted:

Attention Stan Kingdom! Y’all know my homegirl Dina Rae who’s featured on Eminem’s song Superman?? She needs our help!!! Spread the word 🙏🏾

Seven more donations have been made over the following 24 hours, but Dina is unbelievably far from her goal.

You might assume that a talented singer, who lent her vocals to numerous albums including “The Marshall Mathers LP”, “The Eminem Show”, and “Encore”, as well as collaborated with other artists such as Ras Kass, Obie Trice, and Dolly Parton, would have a substantial income from streaming royalties alone. However, as Dina pointed out earlier, these numbers don’t equate to a fair wage for musicians. Unfortunately, as an independent contractor, Dina is not eligible for disability benefits.

If everybody who enjoyed Dina’s voice on “Superman” today knew about her situation, progress towards improving her circumstances could be made much quicker.

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