Legendary producer Jesse Collins shared some interesting info about Slim Shady’s involvement in a new hip hop competition.

Collins is a powerhouse in the hip hop world, crafting unforgettable moments like the Super Bowl Halftime Show with Usher. He’s known for pushing boundaries and elevating the game – the true definition of a hip hop visionary.

One of his projects is a hip hop competition series “Rhythm + Flow” that was put on hold after the 1st season because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Soon, the show returns for more. During the Sway In The Morning interview, Collins talked about the highly anticipated return of “Rhythm + Flow”. Season 2 features fresh faces on the judging panel – DJ Khaled, Ludacris, and Latto. And the real surprise that guarantees the show a peak audience — Eminem is joining the cast, as we reported ealier. He’ll appear as a special guest judge for the battle rounds, beaming in from a secret location.

Collins revealed a cautionary tale Eminem shared when filming the show:

We had your guy. The rapper that you may have had something to do with, Eminem. When he did the show, this incredible episode, and he’s talking about being in LA for the battle that he lost. And he was saying that he was getting evicted from an apartment, and he really needed that money. So he went out and did that battle. And lost to someone, I can’t remember the name, to somebody that had a lot of local affiliations. So, it didn’t matter how he did, he was going to win. So, Em lost and was not going to get that money. He fucked this whole thing. And gave that tape. And that mixtape got through and got to Dre and the whole thing, and the rest is history.

Obviously, Collins talks about the Rap Olympics here, organised by Wendy Day to give Em more exposure. Ironically, neither he nor Sway, who interviewed him, could remember the name of a guy who beat Eminem back then. It was Otherwize.

Two important things we can extract from this quote. First, it appears that Eminem will be involved in one episode only. We can theorise that his tenure can be extended if everything goes well, but for now, it seems that it’s all they have with Em, and they have already filmed it.

And another one is how a lost battle doesn’t mean a lost war. Even though Em lost that event, his hustle paid off in a way he couldn’t have predicted. The competition tape found its way to Dr. Dre, and the rest is history. Eminem’s talent and determination ultimately led him to the top.

So, never give up on your dreams, even when you face setbacks. Just like Eminem, your hustle and talent can take you places you never imagined.

Meanwhile, “Rhythm + Flow” season 2 drops in November, and with Marshall’s surprise appearance, it’s guaranteed to be epic.
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Watch the video below:

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