Conway’s Shady records debut album “God Don’t Make Mistakes” drops next week. Usually, the first album on the label is the beginning of the road, but for Conway, it is the end.

It is the end of his contract with Shady and, as he said on the Bootleg Kev podcast, the end of his contract with Griselda:

I’m contractually done now. [All music from now is] Drumwork, as of right now. Sitting right here right now, I’m not on a contract with Griselda, Shady. None of that shit no more. It’s free agency right now, you heard. I need that supermax, I need that Gianni’s bag.

However, the legality of the relationship does not change how Conway feels about Griselda:

Griselda – that’s mine. Me and bro, I put that shit on my back. Wes[tside Gunn] took that, we’ve built that.

The Griselda lyricist entertains the possibility to renew his agreement with the formation, but it has to be re-negotiated. So far, nothing has been discussed:

We haven’t really talked about that. Who knows? I mean, that’s all of our intentions. It’s definitely mine. But I’m just saying, as of right now, it’s the end. The paperwork I signed has been fulfilled. It was all in together, my Shady paperwork and Griselda paperwork. Everything’s been fulfilled. And now it’s time to sit back at the round table and figure out the future and what it got in store for me.

However, now Conway has his own music label, Drumwork, and the taste of independence. He will always be an integral part of Griselda history, but who knows what lies ahead.

Meanwhile, Conway the Machine treats his fans to a new mixtape “Greeting Earthlings”.

Watch the video below:

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