Griselda has an incredibly successful year, dropping one record after another but its mastermind shows signs of unrest more and more often recently.

Griselda was signed to Shady Records in March 2017 and it took them two years to release their debut album “What Would Chinegun Do”. Early this month, after several delays Westside Gunn

Seems like the main reason for his dissatisfaction is the level of promotion from Shady Records that doesn’t correspond with Westside Gunn’s expectations.

The first signs of his unease sipped into his social media when in June Westside Gunn tweeted: “I wonder do @ShadyRecords know we’re nominated for a BET AWARD tonight 🤔🤔”

The tweet invoked a wave of support from his followers but no apparent reaction from Shady Records or its bosses. To be honest, knowing how Eminem feels about industry awards, it is difficult to expect any sort of agitation from him on this account.

Earlier this month Gunn finally released his Shady solo debut “Who Made The Sunshine” and it seemed like everything was going fine. Until another strike from the dark on social media.

Eminem used his accounts to shout out to The Alchemist who released a new album “The Food Villain” last Friday.

One of the first comments on this post was from a Griselda fan who chastised Marshall for not promoting Gunn’s release: “No post of Westside Gunn album that’s in your own label? Lol wtf”.

Westside Gunn, who was tagged in this comment, appeared immediately but reacted in the manner that seemed more supportive than one would expect. A stream of emoji often leaves enough plausible deniability for a poster than actual words, but crying-laughter emojis followed by three “shhhh” emojis are not difficult to interpret. It basically means “you are on point but we should not discuss that”.

What Griselda fan did not notice and Gunn failed to remind him were 18 promo posts that completely tiled Shady Records official Instagram. Since then the comment has been deleted but it did not go unnoticed by media.

Seems clear that there is a burgeoning dissatisfaction on Gunn’s side. What is unclear that it is why this unease is being aired on social media and not taken to Shady directly. However serious their disagreements might be, it does not look like the right way to resolve them.

There are already sad examples of where this type of behaviour can bring an artist, just remember what happened to Ca$his.

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