Detroit’s rising star, NASAAN, recently sat down for an exclusive interview, reminiscing about his childhood and the path that led him to rap.

NASAAN sat down for an exclusive “Off The Porch” interview. He talked about finding his love for rap and building a career. Apparently, NASAAN’s bond with Eminem goes way back. He remembers hanging around Eminem in the studio as a kid, accompanying his father, Proof. From playtime with Hailie to attending a concert with Jay-Z during their The Home & Home Tour, Nasaan wasn’t just around a famous rapper – he was around a family friend.

I feel like I’ve known him forever. Just running around the studio as a little ass boy, just being around him in my pops, going to his house, playing with his daughter when we were really young. I think actually being aware of it and wrapping my mind around it — it was sixth grade, so I was 11. I flew to Detroit when I was 11. He had a concert in Detroit. He and Jay-Z did a tour together, and we went. I was like, oh, shit, bro, this is Eminem. I was like, wow, that’s crazy.

However, NASAAN’s appreciation for Eminem’s music developed later. Growing up in Atlanta exposed him to different sounds, and it wasn’t until his teens that he truly grasped Eminem’s lyrical genius and energetic delivery.

I think I started growing an appreciation for him as I got older. I never was a super fan of that music. I grew up in Atlanta, so when I started building taste, my palate was a little bit different. When I got 14-15, I got into that stuff, and I was like, oh, this nigga could really rap, it’s just crazy. This rhyming is going crazy, and then he’s super animated when he raps. I grew a super appreciation in my early teens.

The interviewer did not shy away from the question of a possible collaboration between the two of them. NASAAN remained tight-lipped, hinting at existing work with Eminem but refusing to reveal details.

We got some stuff. He sent me some stuff. I won’t speak on too much. I be getting in trouble when I talk about this stuff.

NASAAN has had a difficult time after hinting that he had Eminem’s feature locked in for his album. He was swamped by insistent fans demanding to release the song immediately. As a result, he didn’t release it at all. But we all know it is somewhere in his vault and can only hope that NASAAN’s treasure chest won’t be as bottomless as Marshall’s. We need to hear this music.

Talking about new music, with Eminem’s “The Death of Slim Shady” on the horizon, is there a chance of hearing NASAAN on the project? More jokes from NASAAN do not clarify anything.

Amen. I might be on track 94. I may or I may not. My boy’s coming crazy, though. I’m excited for people to hear his project, though.

NASAAN playfully dodged confirmation, but the idea that he had heard Marshall’s new project is fascinating. So, they are close enough for NASAAN to be among those few who can listen to Eminem’s music before its release. And knowing that the younger rapper is excited about the upcoming release is inspiring.

But for now, NASAAN is gearing up for his own release, “Error 404”, showcasing his production skills alongside his rapping. He project drops on May, 31.

Watch the video below:

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