Eminem Featured on New Nas Album

Another strong album from Nas, “Magic 3”, dropped this Friday and revealed the list of people to whom Nas is greatful.

The last track of the album, “1-800-Nas&Hit” is a perfect outro for the project and it finishes the album with a credit roll where Nas attempts to give a personal thank you to people involved in its creation.

By the very end of the list, just before Nas addresses his own label Mass Appeal, he mentions Eminem in a very distinctive way. Read the whole list below:

Credits roll
Six albums, in how many years?
We havin’ fun, a crazy run, time flies
Dial the number, 1-800-Nas&Hit
That’s, 1-800-Nas&Hit, leave us a message
Let us know when y’all want us back again
We’ll spin the block to be there for you
Nothin’ but love, Hit-Boy on the boards
Your man, the maestro himself, Mr. Jones
It’s just natural like that’s what it gotta be
Shout the engineer, David Kim
I know we been drivin’ you crazy, you like, “What? Again?”
Another one, you just like, “When do y’all take a break?”
Shoutout to Gabe, Big Double, Peter
My man Ant Saleh, did you ever imagine?
Ayo, shout out to my man Big Hit, just came home
He already takin’ over the whole shit, you know?
Shout out to C3, that’s third generation
You be in here goin’ crazy in the studio havin’ fun, watchin’ cartoons
Playin’ video games while we recordin’, vocalin’
That’s my man, shout out Big Des and Knight
It’s all about the next generation
That’s what we here for, the next generation
Of course to Jung, the crew, the family
Big Lef, Modo, Jav, Kevinsky
My geysers, Che, what up?
All my peeps, yeah (And Haz, Haz)
I said Haz (You said Haz?) yeah, let’s hear it back
Hazimoto, too many to name
Em, the company
Exit, what up? Mass Appeal
Annie, everybody, thank you

Listen to the track below:

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