[New Music] LL Cool J Ft. Eminem – “Murdergram Deux” (Leak)

Eminem and LL Cool J meet in Detroit 18/08/2023

A collab between Eminem and LL Cool J, titled “Murdergram Deux,” has leaked online, sending shockwaves through the rap world.

This track is possibly a gem from LL Cool J’s highly anticipated yet unreleased album produced by legendary Q-Tip. LL Cool J was on the verge of revealing its release date in Spring 2023, but a series of unexpected events derailed his plans. His scheduled interview was abruptly canceled, and he went silent about this still unnamed project. Shortly after this incident, a snippet of this song was leaked, and now the entire track is out there, albeit unofficially.

This joint is a dream come true for many fans. It’s a meeting of the titans, a lyrical heavyweight bout between two hip-hop icons. Imagine Eminem’s razor-sharp wordplay intertwined with LL’s smooth flow – that’s the firestorm “Murdergram Deux” promises to be.

While the leak is unfortunate, it’s definitely generating major buzz. This unexpected collab has ignited a firestorm of excitement, leaving everyone wondering – will LL finally drop his album with “Murdergram Deux” as the centrepiece? Was this an accidental leak or a strategic move to build hype for LL’s shelved album? We will see how the events unfold.

Eminem X LL Cool J – Murdergram Deux (BETTER QUALITY BY NX)
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[New LL Cool J’ and Eminem’s Single “Murdergram Deux” – Lyrics]


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