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Check out and decipher LL’s and Eminem’s Murderous “Murdergram Deux” Lyrics.

Verse 1, LL Cool J:

Do you remember first time you heard the legend?
In leather the career ender with the roadkiller stuck to his fender
I’m on another bender
Drunk off the power to make a coward surrender as I devour contenders
Choke a fella whoever your head is bout to contamine.
Then I bounce it with pleasure. I’m pouring out I’m a redder
Homies, I won’t forget em. So tap the bottle and pour it
Supermodels I ignore later on it’s like por-
Reincarnation of the ripper I give stitches and chest zippers
Cinderellas get propelled out the glass slippers
Time is tickin and giving ass whippers how we keep the cash flippin

Bridge, Eminem:

Whaaat? asupitipa suad you gut.

Verse 2, Eminem:

I don’t understand a single word you’re saying
I think you have cerebrae
About to finish you like polyurethane
All that molly poly sure to strain your spinal fluid from your vertebrae
Used to murder spam and i brought my murder game
My shit fire that is why you all running like duraflame
As far as boulevards i’m talking about farmers like insurance pay
I just blew your girl away
but she don’t so much growing lean
I call that fucking hoe Katrina
Somebody better give her a cane.

LL Cool J Hall of Fame Performance With Eminem Aired Officially

Verse 3, LL Cool J:

And that’s on everything but
She left my heavy chain
My yellow diamond shining
Got her whipping like lemon meringue
Stripping in front of the gang
She’s slipping inside of the range
Quick to go out with a bang
It’s like i threw out a grenade
Once you pull up in this when the Killing will begin, you feel me?
Pulling up the skin, I really came to get it and deliver
Murder, grants, turn over, your ambulance
30 bullets in advance,
Candlelight and crying fans
We go in and buy a land,
Slide up behind you Testing my rifle,
Give blessings to my disciples
Professional, I’m a sniper,
Like eight miles away
Me and Marshall doing murders with dirty burners
Break them down and melt them in the furnace.

Chorus, Eminem & LL Cool J:

Unapologetic and we’re gonna cause a headache
Me and LL bout to set it
we about to murder Bennett
Anyone of you’all can get it
So you might as wel beget it
Anyway you will regret it
Cemetery’s where you’re headed

Eminem and LL Cool J meet in Detroit 18/08/2023

Verse 4, LL Cool J:

Come on, the message in the chorus
You bastards got nothing for us
The overlord is the rawest
I ain’t talkin” bout a rent-a-car when I’m pullin” the Tauruses
It’s Halloween, them candy bars’ll get you killed in the forest
We are lyrically lawless,
Stack of money hoarders
Slut to make you forget all that slick-ass shit that you thought of
Blow your mind with the snort off
Just when you thought it was safe, we bustin” that truth from the rake
They hittin” the door,
Ain’t nothin” sweet when we come in the place.

Verse 5, Eminem:

I say that you ain’t fuckin” with wild,
Do not mean kisses
But I got the potential to
Fuckin” flip what I mention With a pinch and two,
Сome back with a vengeance,
Take Jack the Ripper, Rip it,
Just givin” you a sample of fuckin” stick, bitch
Like scissors do,
Now when I hit that booth, I figure the days are over
When I was quick,
This food used to fly off the handle Like a fuckin” leech’s room,
I called it pluggin” towers Cause I was so quick to pick a tulip
Like it’s Petunia, Sigma, Doula,
But thanks to Cool J, he created a monster
Spaghetti sauce and mozzarella on a tray full of pasta
You got a couple of motherfuckin” trained killers on ya
And I’m just bein this Frank as Sinatra
When I be sayin” that I’ma keep this shit gangster as mobsters
But when you got fanatics goin” so crazy, they mob ya
Lookin like organized crime because you can’t get a mafia
And all your motherfuckin enemies, they wanna off ya
Like Hoffa, end up his body in Lake Minnetonka
That’s how you knew you fuckin” saw it and you came and you conquered

Bridge, LL Cool J:

Then he did he did you stoppin and makin them barkers

Eminem and LL Cool J meet in Detroit 18/08/2023

Verse 6, Eminem:

Now women treat me like BDK,
The king and they feed me grapes
Either way I got more on my plate than an all-you-can-eat buffet
So better pick a BC day
Cause your history is shady
Is they bout to set it on you like a TV tray
Man I see the way people say I’m so evil
They fuckin think that Timothy McVeigh and my DNA are exactly the same,
But when I leave this game
Things just ain’t gonna be the same,
But it’s a need to change
And I’m the meat I made,
Go ahead and crack a bottle Cause this is E&J,
Meaning me and James Got that avocado,
We the sociopaths
And we got your hoe on our laps
And we’re going back to Cali so she can blow on our sacks.

Ad-lib, Eminem:

Pruhm pruhm buhmbabambabambah

LL Cool J:

I don’t think so.

CLEVELAND, OHIO - OCTOBER 30: LL Cool J and Eminem perform onstage during the 36th Annual Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony at Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on October 30, 2021 in Cleveland, Ohio. (Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame )

Eminem X LL Cool J – Murdergram Deux (BETTER QUALITY BY NX)
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