Marshall’s newest hit has become his eighth song to earn this streaming milestone.

The song has been one of the most loved tracks on “Encore” forever, but recently it blew up to massive proportions. Just compare the numbers and dynamic for “Mockingbird”. In early January 2021, the track had 513 million streams logged. In a year, in early January 2022, the track had about 50 million streams more, amounting to a total of 565 million. On January 30 2023, “Mockingbird” had 900 million streams. Its year gains are over six times higher than a year before.

The song entered the Spotify daily song chart in October 2022 at No.200 and has never left since. It’s sitting at No.27 today with a usual count of over 2 million streams a day.

Not too bad for an intimate and personal ballad to a daughter released in 2004.

Listen to Eminem — “Mockingbird” on the album below:

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