Eminem at Wellington, New Zealand, 03/02/2019, Rapture 2019
Eminem at Wellington, New Zealand, 03/02/2019, Rapture 2019

The 2019 Rapture tour took Eminem around the world, giving exciting opportunities for local artists in countries he visited. In Australia, it was hip hop legend, DJ Nino Brown.

Ex-DJ and radio host Rush hosts a podcast about sports and hip hop personalities. Recently, he invited DJ Nino Brown and asked him about the time he spent with Marshall.

His first big tour was with Snoop Dogg, he toured with 50 Cent and Jay-Z, but playing for Eminem has left the biggest mark, admits Nino.

I always tell this story that when Eminem toured, I think, in 2014 or 2015 with Kendrick and J Cole, my manager told me that it came down between me and M-Phazes. And M-Phazes produced a track for Em, and they put him on the tour. Much love to M-Phazes. He and I are friends and he knows this story. But it was dirty! Because, you know, he’s a phenomenal producer but in my mind, I was like, “If I’m the DJ guy I will just do so much damage on that stage!” So yeah, it was a bit dirty but when Em came back around they let me know and reached out. It was about a week out and they still hadn’t confirmed. Apparently, Eminem and Paul Rosenberg have to personally approve everything. So I’m telling everybody like, Eminem! But I really only got the confirmation about a week out. The touring company TEG were super professional. It was by far my best touring experience. It was just a dream come true.

DJ Nino Brown had to open the show and then play between the supporting act and Em’s part. To hold a crowd of this size at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds was unforgettable.

I was told it was the biggest crowd of all time at the MCG. The records recently were one of the Bushfire appeal events and then Madonna smashed the record, but then Em took it. I think there was something like 87 000 people. It was insane, and the set right before Hilltop Hoods was basically my last time on stage, and it was just bananas. But after the Hoods performs stage got cleared because Eminem performed with Alchemist DJing. But he had an orchestra, so they had to get everyone off and things changed. It was just a massive production. It was insane, dude. Apparently, there was not enough sound gear in any city to do this thing. So it would be like Wednesday Brisbane and then Friday Sydney because they had to combine stuff from all over the country and then ship it. The only problem I got now is that I don’t know what’s going to outdo that feeling. You know, I play at someone’s party. I love playing at your party, man, but you’ve got 600 people, it’s cute.

Apparently, his playlist had to be vetoed by Eminem. Nino had a moment of tension with 50 Cent earlier about a certain choice of music, so he wouldn’t make the same twice, but Shady leaves nothing to chance.

With Em, I had to actually submit my playlists because they wanted to make sure I wasn’t playing music from any artists that they may not like. Because sometimes, for example, when I tour with 50 Cent on the first night I might have played “Still Dre”. I hate don’t play no Shady Aftermath music. I’m like, cool, I was a funny one. As Fifty’s guys got a little salty at first. I was like, happy to help, bro, but if you don’t tell me I don’t know. So with Em’s thing, I was like, hey, is there stuff you don’t want and they’re like, “Yeah, let us know what you want to play”. I wasn’t playing any Ja Rule records. To be honest, I probably wasn’t going to play them anyway.

Watch the interview below:

You can also watch exclusive footage from the Melbourn Rapture show:

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