“Venom” and “We Made You” have reached 200M views on YouTube!

Lisa Ann, an actress who played sexy Sarah Palin in one of the funniest Em videos, treasures her memory of working on that project.

Reacting to a Twitter post about “We Made You”, Lisa Ann remembered how excited she was during the filming and how this feeling stayed with her even after the shooting was done:

This was one of those days where I was like – “wait is this happening”… I went out on the road and danced to that song every night – re-living the magic! @Eminem #WeMadeYou

Earlier, Lisa Ann talked about how impressed she was with Marshall’s creative input into this music video, and how confident he was in front of the camera and behind it, executing his vision to perfection.

It must be indeed a remarkable shooting session, as Trisha Patay, who played “fat Jessica Simpson”, also remembers that day fondly, especially Marshall and his behaviour on set. She shared not that long ago, how kind and supportive he was and rated him “the nicest celebrity”:

He was insanely nice. 100 out of 10.

Watch the “We Made You” music video below: