18 second of never heard before song intrigued and divided the Eminem fans.

The leaker states that they are not interested in selling the song in full, which makes their motivation for leaking this music unclear. But whatever the reasons are, they are not the main mystery here. First of all, there is no way to know whether it is an old scrapped song or a snippet from Em’s upcoming album. A lot of fans are not quite satisfied with the flow and consider it to be Em’s recent record, choppy and high-pitched, in the MTBMB style, and point at the similarities with Marshall’s joint with Cee-Lo Green, “The King and I”. Some are surprised with the lyrics, not exactly nonsensical but certainly not as hard hitting as one would expect from Rap God.

The amount of wordy criticism Eminem has already got drawn from ander 15 second long fragment is stunning. Especially, considering that it was his most dedicated audience that heard these snippets. Maybe, it is desire to look more clued in than anyone else, or sincere loss of ability to be excited about new music, who knows. But it might be better to reserve judgement until we hear the whole trake and the whole concept around it.

The second voice that comes up by the end of the second snippet also alludes at the possibility of the snippet being taken out of LL Cool J’s promised joint with Eminem The promise has been scrapped from social media later, which,together with this leak, can indicate the fact that this song might have been scrapped whatsoever.

Listen to the snippets below and tell us what you think about it.

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