An Ohio rapper explains how Eminem influenced his style.

In the age of six Bow Wow was featured on Snoop’s “Doggystyle”, in the age of 13 he got a Snoop feature on his own debute album. In the age of 36, Bow Wow is going to release an album that will show that his vision was shaped by Marshall’s music.

On the BET’s red carpet, Bow Wow was talking about his favourite verse that appears to be on his yet to be released project, which he described as “very Eminemish”. It might be because Bow Wow is going to drop some names and send some jabs, it might be because this rap wunderkind appreciates Marshall’s talent. He said this to a journalist interviewing him:

Eminem is hard! I don’t even have a favorite in particular. Every verse is hard for me. He’s so diverse. So talented. You just never know how he gonna come. I can’t lie, I’m influenced by him in a lot of ways when it comes to rapping and taking me time, how I dissect my bars, wordplay, changing the pitches in my voices. That’s why I can’t wait to drop this record.

Watch the video below:

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