An unexpected and unannounced new single produced by Benny Blanco just dropped.

The song, which serves as a lead single for Juice WRLD’s final posthumous album, “The Party Never Ends”, is harrowing. Both are talking about substance abuse from their first-hand experience. The difference is that Marshall has survived, and Juice has not. His outro, “I can never ever die, I can never ever die”, sounds haunting.

Marshall’s verse, delivered in a very measured and straightforward manner, sends a message. It does not emphasise his skills, speed, or phenomenal anunciation, while it certainly built on them. It is a heartbreaking honesty on a plate, and Eminem wants everybody to hear it.

Verse 2: Eminem

You pop some ecstasy first
It gets progressively worse
Try your best to reverse
Unsuccessfully flirting with certain death
And revertin’ to your Promethazine urge
The fuckin’ Devil, he lurks
Lose your best friends, he smirks
Wake up, and everything hurts
And as you spiral downward, listen
I know just how it is when–
You start slow then before you notice it
Now you’re mixin’, Oxys without prescription
Cough medicine, Valium with them
But ain’t that how addiction sorta works?
They call it lean ’cause you gravitate and lean towards the Perc’
The blessin’ or the curse of fame
‘Cause now you can afford to serve
Percocet and percadine
But that ain’t what you meant when you said that
You’re in it for the Percs
Develop a habit out of that
Need a Xanax now to rap
So you pop it ‘fore you record a verse
Your buzz wear down, yeah
Like a rabbit out a hat
Makes you wanna pull your hair out
Fentanyl, Oxy, Demerol
Them are all what possibly got Shock G, Roxi’
‘Codone and lean is probably what got Lil Peep and ODB
So many who OD be (What?), way too young to go see me
I was lucky, my escape was narrow and due
Now think I take it for granted
That I’m still here, synthetic heroin you
Tried to kill me, then you
Murdered Jarad, didn’t you?
Piece of shit, thanks to you
Now we lost Gangsta Boo
And Pimp C, Prince, and Michael
Mixin’ NyQuil with prescription Vic’s
Addiction’s like a fuckin’ vicious cycle
Juice, we will forever miss you
To the younger generation
I ain’t lecturin’ you, but man
Just be careful when you–

Listen to Juice WRLD “Lace It” feat. Eminem below:

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