Responding to the multitude of posts on social media calling Eminem to drop a new album, he drops a prank.

Remember all those desperate pleas on social media, begging Em for a new album? Well, Marshall saw them and decided to have some fun. He posted a teaser video on his social media, playing on the anticipation. It starts with a montage of fan posts demanding new music, cuts to a Wiki discography page teasing a new release, and finally lands on the iconic cover of “Infinite”.

The voiceover announces, “The highly anticipated next studio album goes back to where it all started. ‘Infinite’. But now it’s even more. Infinite [x2]. Out today”.

Needless to say, this sent 64 million of Em’s followers into a frenzy. Notifications of “Out now” had hearts racing and fingers flying to streaming services. But alas, it was all a clever (and slightly cruel) April Fools’ joke.

But don’t despair. Remember, Dr. Dre himself confirmed Em’s dropping a new project this year. So, while this wasn’t the announcement we craved, it does fuel the hype for the real deal coming soon.

Did you fall for it? Did you get fooled by Shady’s shenanigans? And more importantly, what are you hoping to see on the next Eminem album? Let us know in the comments below!

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