KXNG Crooked weighed in on Benzino’s beef with Eminem, and let’s just say Benzino is not getting any love from this corner.

As you remember, Benzino name-dropped Crooked in his failed attempt to diss Em. Crooked I didn’t talk much about it on social media, his position in this beef is well known. Crook knows where he stands here — firmly on Team Eminem. However, he recorded a whole Crook’s Corner Weekly episode, remembering how Benzino tried to use him back in the day. It seems Zino tried to play Crooked, using his Death Row flagship artist status and dragging him to that infamous press conference where he played Em’s “racist tape” without explaining what was going to happen.

Now, judging by the comment, “I ain’t tryna kick a man while he’s down”, Crook doesn’t even consider Zino a player in the game — just a washed-up name trying to stir the pot.

The Slaughterhouse MC only knows that Marshall’s joke on “Doomsday Day pt.2” brought the clout back, and it suited Benzino more than anybody else. Crook summed it up perfectly:

Em did him a favor by mentioning his name…

And while Benzino keeps chasing these crumbs of clout Em threw his way, he only looks more and more ridiculous. Even if you thought that he reached a peak, or, rather, a bottom, last week — just watch. He can do worse.

What do you think? Did you catch that Crook’s episode or his recent post? Let us know in the comments below!

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