Eminem to Zane Lowe:

We know that Eminem is a passionate collector and vintage tapes are of his particular interest. The gem of his collection is “Illmatic”, reveals Em.

The Clubhouse conversation about Eminem’s NFT drop took a turn to discuss his personal music collection. And it became apparent that while Marshall sought sealed and pristine tapes. He does not understand how and why people would keep it that way. He certainly wouldn’t. Eminem opens his cassettes and actually listens to them.

Marshall mentioned that when discussed one of the rare tapes in his possession.

It’s open, but I got it opened. I just opened it. And my most coveted is probably “Illmatic”. That’s fucking sick, man. I couldn’t find that shit nowhere. I finally found one, and it cost $500-600 for a sealed copy of “Illmatic”. Because who the fuck had a copy of “Illmatic” and didn’t open it? Nobody. I think it’s just back stock what record stores had in their back storage and the tapes that never sold. So they just kept them and sold them online. That’s the only thing I can think of because nobody’s gonna have a fucking “Illmatic” tape and not open it.

Em does not put too much value in his own records and, when asked how much an open SSLP tape would cost, laughs it off with “12 cents?”.

Listen to the fragment from the Clubhouse conversation below:

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