Eminem confirmed he dissed Drake on Kamikaze immigrating his movements in Lucky You video

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has published its report on 2020 global sales figure. Eminem is the sixth best selling artist worldwide.

The original report is locked begins a paywall, but IFPI introduced its residents earlier this month, as we reported:

Looks like this information is making rounds again, so let’s talk about it more. The top 10 IFPI’s Best Selling Global Artists of 2020 is not secret and reads like this:

1. BTS
2. Taylor Swift
3. Drake
4. The Weeknd
5. Billie Eilish
6. Eminem
7. Post Malone
8. Ariana Grande
9. Juice WRLD
10. Justin Bieber

There was a criticism of IFPI methodology that relies too much on the numbers that artists submit to the organisation and severely discards sales in China. However, additional numbers coming from China would not affect Eminem’s position in this ranking negatively.

As we reported earlier, Eminem is the most popular international rapper in China and BTS and Taylor Swift are the only artists from this lost that sell better than him over there.