The world renowned DJ introduces an AI-generated verse in Eminem’s style and voice to his public performances.

David Guetta posted a short segment from a documentary where he puts an artificially generated Em’s opening and then explains how it came to life:

Eminem, bro! There is something that I made as a joke, and it worked so good, I could not believe it! I discovered those websites about AI. Basically, you can write lyrics in the style of any artist you like. So I typed, “Write a verse in the style of Eminem about Future Rave and I went to another AI website that can recreate the voice. I put the text in that and I played the record and people went nuts.

David Guetta Includes Eminem Deep Fake in His Show

The use of AI to imitate Eminem’s music is not new, but we used to see it as an experiment and a homage to Eminem. Its integration into commercial performances by other artists is raising questions about ethical boundaries and the implications of using someone else’s creative work. David Guetta, already a megastar DJ on his own merit, doesn’t need this AI addition to boost his popularity., The industry as a whole must consider the ethical implications of using AI to mimic an artist’s likeness and creative work.

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