[World Premiere] Eminem — “Framed” (Music Video)

[World Premiere] Eminem — “Framed” (Music Video)

Stans, you’ve been waiting for this for a long time! The world premiere of music video for the track “Framed” from Eminem’s new album “Revival”. Watch it, but be careful!

About “Framed”:

Eminem has released quite a few horrorcore rap songs throughout his career, most notably “3 a.m.” and “Kim”. The beat, as well as Em’s tone on “Framed”, feels of his 2009 Relapse-era.

“Framed” revolves around a fictional situation where Em is detained for a murder, on the basis of how his lyrics coincidentally matches up with a murder scene, that is under investigation. Em sums it up with these lines:

But it never occurred to me I could describe a murder scene
In a verse and be charged with first degree
Cause it just happened to match up perfectly

In an interview with Shade 45 on December 15th, Em commented on how a beat affects the content of a song:

Framed you needed to rap some evil, like serial killer kind of shit to me, like that.. The beat was so evil, I just had to say evil shit, like fucked up shit. (…) Thats one of my favorite beats ever.

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