Fat Joe is back to the game, and he credits Eminem for helping him change his mind.

Just over a year ago, Fat Joe released an album that meant to be his farewell to the rap game. He was not idle; he launched one of the most successful Instagram shows and became extremely popular and well-connected commentators. However, now he buckled under the consistent peer pressure and starter working on music again.

Talking to RapUp.TV, Fat Joe was reminded of famous Eminem’s plea to him to stay active. Now Joe credits Marshall for inspiring the soundtrack for Joe’s show:

One million per cent. I really honestly believed that I had retired. One million per cent – when the GOAT called I felt so honoured, and I was like, “Yo, fuck it, let me hear some beats”. And one thing led to another and here we are. All [Eminem] said was that “Yo, Joe, you’re one of the last ones left, you’re making better music now than ever. You can’t retire, you can’t leave us!”. I guess, when guys like Eminem, the OGs are like, “Yo, Joe, come on, man! We are the class of ‘92, don’t retire on us, we need all our OGs that could still do it!”.

Fat Joe still mourns the biggest mistake of his career – not signing Eminem when he had that chance. Probably he will try to make up to that making another collaboration with Marshall (while obviously nothing can come close to factually having Em on his roster). The veteran rapper promises the biggest and the most prolific stars on his show and his soundtrack – Jay-Z, Drake, Jlo and, of course, Eminem.

Watch the conversation below:

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