EJ Magazine Special “Festival Season” Issue Available Now ?

EJ Magazine Special “Festival Season” Issue Available Now ?

Hello, friends! Before the beginning of Eminem’s European Revival Tour we’ve decided to put out a special issue of our EJ magazine.

Millions of Stans all around the world dream of seeing Eminem’s show live. We present this EJ magazine issue to all Slim Shady’s fans and want to share our experience of visiting his shows and major music festivals.

This EJ issue contains 3 detailed articles about Em’s August 2017 shows, which took place in the UK: Glasgow Summer Sessions, Reading Festival and Leeds Festival. These articles were originally published last year and now have been re-edited for our english-speaking audience. After reading it you will feel as if you were there, at the show, in the front row, watching one of the best artists of our time perform on stage.

Not only this EJ is filled with emotions, but also with our useful experience, which, we hope, will help you enjoy Eminem’s performance. Its also works for any other concert you might want to see. Read our tips for visiting musical events the right way.

We also recommend you to watch our videos from Em’s concerts, described in this issue. They are unforgettable! Full videos are available on ePro’s Youtube channel.

This is our second EJ magazine issue in English. If you haven’t read the first one, published in January 2018, do it now. We have an interesting article there about Em’ ninth studio album.

Read, enjoy and remember that everything is possible, even seeing your hero on stage – you just need to go for it!

— Editor-in-Chief
Igor Basenko

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