EJ Magazine #34 Available. Now. It’s your funeral...

How do you do Ladies and gentlemen? This is ePro with the 34th edition of our EJ magazine!

I bet you’ve been listening to music in your jugular veins all weekend. So why don’t you relax? Lean back and enjoy yourself while we take you on an exciting journey.

Ufffff… This weekend has been hard on our editorial staff. On Friday, January 17, Eminem created a huge buzz again, releasing his eleventh studio album, “Music To Be Murdered By”. Again it came as a surprise, like a snowball in the head. Once again he breaks records and brings joy to millions of fans around the world.

The media brushed through the new work of a genius, and hastened to give out their biased reviews. We were disgusted to read them (yes, I mean Bryan Rolli from Forbes … you are biased, dude). So we decided to take a timeout for a couple of days, as we rummaged through the two-disc masterpiece, and now we will tell you everything!

Read our exclusive material on Eminem’s new album and listen to the record, it’s great! The icing on the cake will be the exclusive graphics we supplied this issue of EJ with (don’t forget to zoom-in and check out all the high-res details).

Read on and enjoy!

— Editor-in-Chief
Igor Basenko

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EJ Magazine #34 Available. Now. It’s your funeral...

EJ Magazine #34 Available. Now. It’s your funeral...

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