2017.12.13 - Ed Sheeran and Eminem epro HQ

The English singer-songwriter is riding the success of his most recent single, “Bad Habits, ” reflecting his attitude toward unhealthy patterns in human life. The attitude is informed by Eminem’s approach to work-life balance.

Ed mentioned more than once how impressed he was to realise that Marshall has managed to sustain his successful career without sacrificing his family life. It might seem repetitive to someone, but it shows how fundamentally life-changing that was for Sheeran to see someone doing what is right for them and their close ones instead of following trends and peer pressure.

Talking to a SiriusXM host, the young pop-star said that when he and his wife welcome their young daughter, he wanted to rebuild his life in the way that would be fair for them:

I actually got the idea from Eminem, working with Eminem. He works 9 to 5. Goes in, does a studio, goes home. And if you spend a lot of time around artists, there’s quite a transient existence of studio, and a studio time can run till 4 am, and then you’re late for this, and you’re doing this… It’s good to have structure.