D12 met an unexpected fan when touring in Australia with Snoop Dogg.

Kuniva, who together with Swifrt McVay represents the whole D12 crew, opens for Snoop on his Australasia tour. It is not an easy fit and to see a pop superstar fanboying at the gig might have been inspiring.

Kuniva posted a short video of Sheeran saying that he came to see D12 together with a caption:

Shout out to @teddysphotos for coming thru last and showing love. I really didn’t know how big of a D12 fan he was. Was an honor meeting you and your wife. To be so humble with the amount of success you’ve obtained is a rare thing in this business. Very positive energy. Salute and much respect.

Ed Sheeran Came to Snoop’s Show to See D12

Everybody knows that Ed Sheeran is a huge Eminem fan and that he overcame his stutter by rapping Em’s songs. Marshall’s music meant to him more than to an average English schoolboy. And Eminem meant a big deal to them. Apparently, Ed’s love and appreciation spread beyond Em’s solo projects to D12. Now he finally had a chance to tell about it to the Detroit rappers. Judging by the photo, all of them had a blast that night.

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