Can you imagine Eminem and Jay-Z going full tilt at each other with their “Renegade” bars? It was both a joke and an idea for a perfect show, which millions would watch.

It also started with a snarky tweet accusing Eminem and Jay-Z in distancing themselves from the culture by not participating in any events aimed at the celebration of the 50th Hip Hop anniversary. The original poster clearly was baiting fans from both camps to come up with explanations ad when they didm focused on mocking them and diminishing two rap legends. It all was going according to the plan until KXNG Crooked popped in to this dark corner of the internet. Responding to a tweet that suggested that a live performance from either Em or Hov would be too big of a deal, especially after their long hiatus, and would overshadow the celebration, Crook proclaimed:

I welcome the overshadowing.. Show the world how big our beloved culture is! They have 3 months left to pop out ⏳

And then he added:

All they have to do is walk out and perform Renegade and go home 🤷🏾‍♂️

Considering how the recent “Blueprint” anniversary revived the debate about who washed whom on “Renegade” (The correct answer is Eminem. Eminem has a better verse.), this performance would be very timely. For those, who forgot why this is a correct answer, HipHop DX made a video yesterday:

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