Eminem’s latest record is yet to be officially released, but the public attention is firmly set on this upcoming hit.

“The King and I” is featured in a new biopic of Elvis Presley directed by the master of music inspired films, Buz Luhrmann.

Marshall invited CeeLo Green on the hook and, according to the Southern Hip-Hop legend, he gave him very little time to fulfil the task. The rapper told on the KTLA morning news programme:

Me and Eminem have been friends for years, I’ve longed for an opportunity to work with him. It so happened that they were in the middle of a debate on who they wanted to have on this song feature, on the hook. It came across my wire, we had a conversation about it. He said, “Hey, man, can you do this for me? I need it really quickly, I need it tonight”. So when Eminem says he needs something tonight, you deliver.

Listen to “The King and I” preview from the Cannes Film Festival red carpet:

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