A new Eminem song is included on the “Elvis” soundtrack, and Buz Luhrmann, who directed the biopic, feels like there is a lot in common between the two musicians.

The director notices that Eminem and Elvis both share an affinity for Black music and Black culture. Talking about Elvis at the Cannes Film festival, Luhrmann pointed it out, discussing how Black music influenced Elvis together with more traditional genres like country or white gospel:

He absorbed it and mixed it. And I think the most important thing in this film is to show that young kid, just like Eminem, in the Black community. Young kids don’t care. Their personalities are formed by what surrounds them and what they absorb.

You will be able to hear “The King And I”, recorded by Eminem and CeeLo Green and produced by Dr. Dre, in movie theatres this summer.

Meanwhile, you can watch a new snippet below:

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