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An article with an intriguing headline: “BEST IN THE WEST: STEVE BERMAN. High time for another Eminem skit”, lifted Eminem fans’ hopes high and then left them with nothing.

Hits Daily Double, an industry sheet that often feeds insider information to the eager audience, pulled a trick on rap heads with a carefully crafted headline. A reference to previous collaborations with Eminem (Berman appeared in four skits on four albums, playing an angry record label executive), a hint to some high time approaching… Put it all into the “Rumour Mill”, and so many hopefuls will open an article to learn what it is about. And there that was, word by word:

“Newly tapped as vice chairman of Interscope Capitol Labels Group, the estimable, consummately menschy Steve Berman has brought his branding wizardry and state-of-the-art lever-pulling to huge projects by Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish and many more, and the latest chapter of his exemplary career finds his brief getting significantly bigger. As just one example of his amazing reach, Berm’s strong relationships with the NFL, Dre, Eminem and Snoop, among others, were integral to the Super Bowl hip-hop extravaganza. Somehow the man, who’s been a part of Interscope almost since its inception, has even managed to withstand decades of irritation from us”.

Media Playing With Eminem Fans’ Expectations

Media Playing With Eminem Fans’ Expectations

Clearly, the headline is designed to grab attention, specifically from those eagerly awaiting a new Eminem album, recently announced by Dr. Dre. It throws out buzzwords like “Eminem” and “high time” to pique reader interest.

Still, the article itself offers no new information about a potential Eminem album. It focuses on Steve Berman’s career achievements and his connections within the industry. Hits Daily Double might have a history of using playful headlines to stir the pot. They might be aware of the intense fan anticipation surrounding Eminem and are using this knowledge to generate clicks.

There’s a slim chance that Hits Daily Double might be subtly hinting at something bigger. Perhaps they have inside information about an upcoming Eminem skit or project involving Steve Berman but are keeping the details under wraps.

While the headline might be frustrating for fans hoping for Eminem news, it’s most likely just a bit of industry fun. However, it’s always good to keep an eye out for future developments, especially with Steve Berman’s strong ties to Eminem’s label.

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