Cassidy, a battle rapper competing since the 1990s, thinks that nobody can pose a threat to him anymore, only Eminem.

During the long conversation between Cassidy and Danny Myers about the current state of battle rap, recorded in Atlanta and uploaded on HipHopIsReal, the veteran fighter stated that he is impossible to beat. It is because he can do everything, says Cassidy. He has mastered all battle rap tools perfectly, while his opponents usually only have one or two at the ready. So, admits Cassidy, the battle rap scene does not feel challenging enough for him. However, there is an exception:

The only people that I would get excited about are those that are accomplished more than me in this world. Any battle rapper that you will bring up, I am not going to feel. Like, not taking anything away from battle rappers, but I just feel like I’ve accomplished more than any other battle rapper. I would get excited about somebody like Eminem. Definitely, I want that.

Well, anybody would want an opponent like Em. But why should Eminem be excited about battling Cassidy?

Watch the segment of this conversation below: