Hip-hop legend leading The Roots Black Thought connected with Sway, who even outside of his studio keep delivering hip-hop content on Bedroom Bars. In their conversation, Black Thought mentioned how Unplugged session that Jay Z recorded for MTV in 2001 with The Roots could have become even more memorable.

Sway asked Black Thought whether he ever worked with Jay Z and here is the answer:

Nah, nah, we don’t work on anything. I don’t know, we did that Unplugged joint. He was rocking with the band and he was supposed to and the reason why I agreed to let him rock with The Roots was because it was supposed to be part of that performance where he and I freestyle. It was supposed to be him, me, maybe Eminem, maybe NAS. It was supposed to be like a cypher section and for whatever reason, he changed the performance. I didn’t really want to make a huge deal out of it so I let him still rock out with the band. They still made history but originally I was supposed to rock with them. You know, after that he signed The Roots to Def Jam and even when we were his artists he for whatever reason never jumped on the record together.

At least we have now Black Thought and Eminem collaboration on “Music to Be Murdered By” where they came together on “Yah Yah”. You can listen to the track below:

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