Bizarre took some time of his studio work to address Tee Grizzley’s disappointment at not being invited to Eminem’s record.

The young rapper, who dissed Eminem on his track is now acting offended and blames Royce for holding back a new generation of Detroit rappers. Bizarre, who knows about what it takes to be a rapper from Detroit, has none of it. This is what he said in his video:

Today I want to take a little time to talk about this situation. I seen my homie Royce Da 5’9″ on The Breakfast Club, and he was talking about the situation where Marshall was looking at Tee Grizzley, as far as considering putting him on a record. Until he heard Tee Grizzley. come out dissing him on a song. I feel like I’m in the middle of this, because I’m a street nigga. I’m in the streets more than the average Detroit rapper. Anyway, I get asked this question thousands of times. Me being an OG, I tell you, local rappers, all the time: “You never know who’s paying attention to you, you never know who’s watching”.
Y’all think you’re not on Marshall’s radar, but y’all are. He’s a rapper, he’s paying attention. If he don’t know, I’ma tell him. If I don’t tell him, Denaun gon’ tell him. We know who hot in our city and who not. In defence, man, a lot of y’all local rappers, I reached out to y’all personally myself and tried to hook up with you and vibe and build. A lot of y’all were acting Hollywood, like y’all were stars. Ain’t even been outside the Detroit area code. But here’s me, humble, an eight-million-records sold platinum recording artist. I’ve been around the whole world, been on the cover of Rolling Stone. But fuck that shit, none of that don’t mean nothing. We Detroit rappers trying to stick together as a unit, but a lot of y’all rappers can’t see that. […] These are same rappers who were saying that he wasn’t even in Top 5 rappers in Detroit. Period. Why would he reach out to do a song with them? That ain’t make no sense. We gotta start respecting our rappers. It was never like this when we was going up. Ain’t no division. We all as one. You gotta start respecting Slum Village. Big Sean. Eminem. D12. Obie Trice. Danny Brown. All these rappers paved the way for the city, for y’all to be able to do what y’all do today. That’s the bottom line.

Watch Bizarre urging Detroit hip-hop scene to show more unity and respect: