Benzino about Eminem: White Kid Can’t Be a Part of Rap Culture, But He Still Gets Special Treatment from Everybody

After playing a spoiled sport and unleashing on his own daughter for not slandering Eminem together with him, Benzino comes back to publicly calling Eminem “a great artist”.

It is difficult to keep up with Benzino’s mood swings or windows of sanity in between the fits of habitual frenzy. Just recently, he was whining about Eminem being inducted into the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame out of turn and calling out his daughter Coi Leray on her “disloyalty” when she tweeted words of support to Em.

Now, Benzino backs down a little bit and tries to save his face by ritually acknowledging Em’s status in the industry. Still, a former The Source editor believes that Eminem should go to the back of the queue and wait until everybody else is celebrated.

Benzino tweeted:

Listen we all know that @Eminem is a great artist and sold million of units and deserves any award coming to him, all I’m saying is let’s not forget the legends who paved the way before him. The RRHOF has to recognize everyone if it truly represents Hip Hop.

Firstly, the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame does not have to recognise everyone representing hip hop. Secondly, Eminem is the tenth hip hop artist to receive the nomination. Nobody says that the Hall’s nomination system is perfect. But to act as Marshall stole somebody else’s award shows that one knows very little about this institution, its goals and history. Once again, Benzino demonstrates that he cares not about hip hop but about his petty beef with Eminem.