Alchemist Eminem

Legendary producers The Alchemist and Cardo Got Wings recently linked up for an insightful chat about all things beat-making. They couldn’t avoid discussing Eminem in the process.

The conversation revolved around digging for samples in record stores worldwide. The Alchemist, who has toured with Eminem, revealed this unique opportunity allows him to unearth rare sounds from record stores around the world, aside from just spending time with Shady.

I was lucky; I would tour with Em all the time, DJing for him. We be chilling, man. He’s the coolest dude ever.

Cardo revealed that he’s dreaming about working with Marshall and called him a legend. He also used this opening as a chance to ask a question that’s likely been on many fans’ minds:

That’s who I want to work with Eminem. He’s a legend in my hood. Does he have a flip phone for real?

The Alchemist confirmed the rumours, but the phone talk was just a side note. Both producers showered Eminem with praise, particularly for his work ethic. According to Alc:

If you think we’re working hard, that motherfucker’s working harder. Nobody works like this. The minute I think I’m working hard, if I go out there and see him, I’m like, alright I;ve got to do better, I’ve got to work harder.

Cardo specifically mentioned “Renegade” as a turning point for him, showcasing Eminem’s status as a lyrical beast:

Once I learned of him doing “Renegade” on “Blueprint”, I was like, Em is really nasty. Unbelievable.

The Alchemist capped it off by calling Eminem “an enigma” and confirming that Marshall is in complete control of his creative process:

Cardo: I thought he’s still making beats.

The Alchemist: Everything. He’s an enigma, he is Eminem.

Eminem isn’t just a rap legend; he’s a workaholic who inspires fellow music makers to reach new heights. And despite his massive success, he stays grounded, rocking a flip phone in a smartphone world while crafting fire beats.

Watch the video below:

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