Legendary producer and rapper DJ Quik crowned Eminem the king of the rap game on his Instagram story.

West Coast legend DJ Quik confirmed Marshall’s dominance and guaranteed an “event” whenever Em graces a track. This is high praise coming from a respected OG in the game.

Yo, Eminem is Best Rapper Alive, he’s always an Event when He shows up.

And now, everybody is guessing what exactly prompted DJ Quik to make his opinion public. Some suggest that Shady’s latest single, “Houdini”, and its stellar performance were enough to confirm Em’s undisputed success. However, a more optimistic part of the fandom is already thinking about the possibility of those two working together.

While Eminem and DJ Quik haven’t collaborated yet, they share a Dr Dre connection. Quik linked up with Dre on “Put It On Me” back in 2001.

The potential for a DJ Quik and Eminem track is mouthwatering. Imagine the lyrical fireworks if they combine their signature styles – DJ Quik’s smooth West Coast flow and Eminem’s razor-sharp wordplay.

And while social media is buzzing with speculation about a potential collab, there is one thing that needs no guessing. Another one of hip hop titans pays respect to Eminem’s talent and recognises his impact.

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