Eminem New Album 2017: Possible Collaboration With Nicki Minaj, Album Is Expected To Be Released In This Year

Marshall has crossed the threshold of 68 million followers on the streaming platform and is rated as the fifth artist with the fastest growing audience.

Taylor Swift, The Weeknd, Arijit Singh, and Billie Eilish are the only artists on Spotify whose following has been growing faster than Em’s over the previous week. Em has expanded his dedicated fanbase on Spotify by 326,065 in a week, adding over 52 thousand followers daily. This number is higher than what Em showed a couple of weeks ago. This proves that while his monthly listeners’ number trend shows a slight dip, he retains more listeners than the majority of artists.

However, this spurt has not changed Marshall’s position among the Top 10 Most followed artists. He remains at No. 8, and his position might be jeopardised by Bad Bunny’s performance in future months.

1. Ed Sheeran — 110.8 billion
2. Ariana Grande — 89.1 billion
3. Billie Eilish — 78.4 billion
4. Drake — 73.5 billion
5. Arijit Singh — 72.7 billion
6. Justin Bieber — 70.94 billion
7. Taylor Swift — 70.92 billion
8. Eminem — 68.2 billion
9. Bad Bunny — 66.9 billion
10. BTS — 63 billion

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