Eminem ft. 50 Cent - Pure power on stage in desert 🐐 (Multicam, Updated version)
Pure power on stage in desert 🐐

50 Cent is very busy with his seemingly endless stream of TV projects, but he has not retired from music.

Promoting his newest show “Raising Kanan”, Fifty agreed to an interview with Independent, where among topics as autobiographical elements in his new drama, accusations of homophobia, and the concept of being too rich, he also revealed that he has new music to release later this year:

He has an ear for a great hook, whether that’s the menace of the sharp, violin-style synth on “In Da Club” or the theatrics of “Crack a Bottle” with Eminem and Dr Dre. It was Eminem who first spotted Jackson and signed him to his Slim Shady records, an imprint of Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope. “He’s still one of the best artists to me,” Jackson says. “He means more to the culture than a lot of other artists – a lot of people looked at him and saw themselves, and understood how they fit into hip-hop culture.”

The word on Jackson’s long-awaited album Street King Immortal, which was first reported over a decade ago? “That original version is not [being released], but I’m releasing new music in September.” Eminem will not feature on it. “I didn’t finish the tracks with him… I’m not gonna tell who’s on it because I’m the most exciting person [on the album].”

This “Eminem will not feature on it” sounds very decisive, but as long as it is not a direct quote, some may still hope that there is a possibility of finishing the tracks by Autumn.

Read the interview in full on the Independent webpage