50 Cent Almost Changes “50 T-Shirts” in a Few Seconds & WOWs the Crowd at The Houston Rodeo

Selling numbers from Fifty’s epic tour are coming in and showing overwhelming success.

Most of his shows were sold out, and the revenue from one show was rarely below one million. London brought the highest revenue, with two sold-out shows at the O2 Arena that grossed over 4 million dollars.

The Touring Data account posted a breakdown of publicly available info on the Final Lap tour. The summary is that with only 70% of shows reported, 50 Cent has already shown $84,486,303 in revenue from the tour.

And it is already more than Drake and Future lifted from their 2016 tour that is now listed in the Top 3 on the 12 Highest Grossing Hip-Hop Tours list by One37pm.

1. Jay-Z & Beyoncé On the Run II (2018) $253.5 million
2. Beyoncé and Jay-Z On the Run II (2014) $109 million
3. Drake and Future Summer Sixteen (2016) $84.3 million

We can expect that after counting in the remaining 32 shows, Fifty’s revenue would go even higher.

With all this success and having seen Marshall’s surprise cameo at Fifty’s Michigan show, it’s difficult not to think about the possibility of Em going on tour after releasing his new, highly anticipated album. He last hit the road in 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic, and with only six shows scheduled for that year, he earned $38 million, more than Drake with his full-size tour. It made Eminem the most successful touring hip hop artist in 2019.

What would a new world tour bring? Imagine the energy, the classics mixed with new tracks, the chance to see Slim Shady live and lose yourself in the music.

Let us know in the comments below! Would you be down for a new Eminem tour? What songs would be must-haves on the setlist?

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