Eminem Live at Melbourne (Full Concert, Australia, 02/24/2019, Rapture 2019)

This year Eminem did not spend much time touring and still with only six shows to count he ended up on top of the list of hip-hop touring artists earned the most in 2019.

Here is the Top 3 of this list:

1. Eminem – $38.0 million
2. Drake – $33.9 million
3. Travis Scott – $32.5 million

However, this is not the only record Eminem broke this year. His show at Cricket Ground, Melbourne in 2019, was the highest-grossing and the most attended solo concert by a hip-hop artist in history. 80,708 Eminem fans attended this event, which was sold out as well as all Eminem shows this year.

Read our review of his remarkable tour in Australia and New Zealand or watch the full Melbourne show below:

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