50 Cent Announces Eminem As Guest Star On His TV Show

Fifty answered a question about developing a show with Eminem from his legendary hip hop movie 8 Mile.

The GRODT rapper answered a set of questions for the Men’s Health YouTube channel, talking about his career, the drive behind his success, and the difference between 50 Cent and Curtis Jackson.

Two questions were directly linked to Eminem.

What advice did Eminem give to you about dealing with the fame at the time?

Em never gave me advice about dealing with fame but he is one of the most important people to me in my career. He offered me a safe place. He just never participated in anything negative against me. He just wanted me to win the entire time. You don’t even know you can make a relationship like that at the older, adult stages of your life. Think, at that point we try to hold on to people like our friends that have been friends for a long time. We create value for them in a different way. And he just came in and was that guy.

Tell us about the 8 Mile project you’re developing with Eminem

I’m developing the 8 Mile film into a series. You should expect it to be just as big as the feature film. Just huge. The time period 8 Mile was capturing was further back. As we’re moving into modern times you’ll see how we function now. Technology has changed the way people enter the music business.

After that Fifty started talking how cutting down artist development departments killed boys bands in the American music industry and how recording at home can give a young artist the outreach and success that labels want to exploit. So, actually, nothing on Eminem and his involvement in the project. We only know for sure now that the story will take place in modern days. And that Eminem cannot give up his creative vision and should have a say in what kind of story it is going to be.

Watch the video below:

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