You want hear Joe Budden saying good things about Eminem often. But recent events in Las Vegas made Joe emotional about the power of Em’s music.

Discussing Eminem walking Terence Crawford out to the ring for his latest fight with Errol Spence Jr, Joe Budden said on his podcast that the moment and the song hit hard together and despite of his disagreements with Marshall Joe couldn’t help but was grappled by the beat and the energy. This Em’s song is special, admits the Slaughterhouse rapper:

When this song comes on you can do anything anything in the world. You can accomplish anything you need to accomplish out there. It’s a cheat code. Y’all, I’ve been in my room by the time this beat dropped. I said, HOLY SHIT. HOLY SHIT. WHAT THE FUCK?! OH MY GOD! I switched sides. I switched sides so fast. Before Em could sing “his mom’s spaghetti on his shirt”. I know me and Em may have our differences but this right here — this is what this song was made for!

Watch the video below:

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