Marshall’s iconic track “Without Me” just hit a first milestone within its third billion, after crossing a two billion mark on Spotify in March this year.

“Without Me” becomes Eminem’s second song to reach this incredible streaming mark. He is the first and only rapper to achieve this double-billion status with songs released in the same year (both “Without Me” and “Lose Yourself” dropped in 2002).

Released in 2002 as the lead single for “The Eminem Show”, “Without Me” has become one of Marshall’s most successful singles. The song’s catchy hook, clever lyrics, and signature Slim Shady wit made it a banging hit worldwide.

“Without Me” was not just a streaming success back then, when there was no streaming – it dominated the charts worldwide. It reached No.1 in over 15 countries, including the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. In the US, it peaked at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100, blocked from the top by Nelly’s “Hot in Herre”.

“Without Me” earned Eminem his first Grammy nomination in a major category – Record of the Year. While it eventually lost to Norah Jones’s “Don’t Know Why”, the nomination was a recognition of the song’s quality.

Let’s be real, though. How many people remember these songs compared to “Without Me”? The numbers tell the story. “Hot In Herre” has gained 532 million streams on Spotify, while “Don’t Know Why” has 500 million, showing which of these three songs has longevity and lasting success.

Now, “Without Me” continues to rack up over 1.4 million daily streams on Spotify, which shows that true classics never go out of style.

Listen to Eminem — “Without Me” on the album below:

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