Eminem's “Without Me” Has Surpassed 800M Views on YouTube

“Without Me” has become Marshall’s second song to earn the milestone of 2 billion streams on the platform.

This achievement marks his second song to hit this milestone on the platform, following the record-breaking success of “Lose Yourself” in 2020.

“Without Me”, released in 2002 as “The Eminem Show” lead single, is a testament to Eminem’s enduring popularity and holds historical significance. It is the fourth song from the 2000s to achieve 2 billion streams on Spotify, highlighting the lasting impact of his music.

Additionally, “Without Me” cements Eminem’s unique feat on Spotify. He is now the first and only rapper to have two songs with over 2 billion streams that were released in the same year (2002).

The track continues to resonate with listeners, garnering over 1.28 million daily streams on Spotify. This consistent engagement further solidifies Eminem’s position as a streaming powerhouse, consistently ranking among the most-streamed artists globally.

Listen to Eminem — “Without Me” on the album below:

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