A new study has revealed the most popular musicians of all time, based on UK Google searches.

According to solely British searches, Taylor Swift is the most popular musician, with 1.8 million monthly UK searches. The pop princess, who just released her latest album, is also the most searched artist in the US and globally.

Eminem is hot on Taylor Swift’s heels, with a monthly search count of 718K across the UK. Marshall is also the most Googled male musician and rapper on the list. The only other rappers to make the cut are Drake at No. 23 and Nicki Minaj at No. 25.

The artists’ popularity is not limited to Google searches. Eminem, alongside Taylor Swift, has been topping the charts on YouTube UK week after week. There’s a clear connection between online searches and fans actively engaging with their music.

The Top 25 musicians popular in the UK

1 Taylor Swift
2 Eminem
3 Ed Sheeran
4 Lewis Capaldi
5 Celine Dion
6 Harry Styles
7 Michael Jackson
8 Ariana Grande
9 Elvis Presley
10 Billie Eilish
11 Dua Lipa
12 Madonna
13 Elton John
14 Selena Gomez
15 Olivia Rodrigo
16 Kylie Minogue
17 Adele
18 Beyonce
19 Lana Del Rey
20 Justin Bieber
21 Rihanna
22 Miley Cyrus
23 Drake
24 Bob Marley
25 Nicki Minaj

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