Eminem and Rihanna’s iconic collaboration, “Love The Way You Lie”, just reached an impressive milestone: 2.8 billion views on the video hosting platform.

“Love The Way You Lie” is not just Eminem’s most-viewed video. It sits comfortably within the Top 40 most-viewed videos worldwide across all genres. It also holds the undisputed title of the most watched rap music video ever.

“Love The Way You Lie” burst onto the scene with a bang, shattering YouTube records upon its release. It garnered an unprecedented 6.6 million views in a single day, a feat that was unheard of at the time. This video’s impact was immediate and groundbreaking.

Even 14 years after the release, “Love The Way You Lie” continues to gain over 700,000 daily views. This song’s powerful message about a toxic relationship and its stunning visuals clearly continue to resonate with viewers around the globe.

Watch Eminem – “Love The Way You Lie” feat. Rihanna below:

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