Eminem's “Without Me” Has Surpassed 800M Views on YouTube

One of the most famous Em’s songs hits a new milestone on Spotify.

“Without Me” is his third track to gain 1.4 billion streams on the platform. Released on May 15, 2002, as the lead single from “The Eminem Show”, “Without Me” reached No.2 on the Billboard Hot 100, and No.1 in 15 countries, including Australia, Germany, Ireland, Norway, the UK, and more.

“Without Me” is certified 12x Platinum in Australia, 7x Platinum in the US, 4x Platinum in New Zealand, 3x Platinum in the UK, and 2x Platinum in Italy, Norway, and Portugal.

The single was Eminem’s first song to receive a Grammy nomination in a major category, and it got an award for Best Music Video.

The list of accolades is long, but the love that the song gets from the audience is even longer-lasting. People just don’t stop listening. “Without Me” is Marshal’s third most streamed song overall, and it is his second most streamed song currently.

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